Middle School


The Middle School Years are an exciting time of growth and discovery.  Our goal is for students to practice and perfect work and study skill strategies.  It is vital that our scholars gain a comprehensive understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses. Middle School at Evergreen Country Day School is a time to take risks, allow oneself to make mistakes and build extreme confidence in ones ability to bounce back and succeed after moments of struggle.

Our Philosophy

We expect all graduating Middle School students to posses a strong understanding of themselves as community members and how they hope to contribute to the community around them.  Middle School students at Evergreen Country Day School face many challenges each day which test their ability to make strong decisions.  Students are encouraged to remain mindful of the extensive support system that is accessible to each of them.  Our ultimate goal is for each of our graduates to become highly effective learners and assume full ownership of their personal educational journey. Our students also work hard to develop stellar communication skills.  It is our belief that an effective scholar is one who is able to be well-spoken with all members of our community including peers, teachers and younger classmates.

Our Program

Middle School Students explore academics through the four core subject areas of Math, English, Science and Social Studies.  Students also engage in foreign language studies, physical education, and all manner of arts within our elective program. While understanding content is important, there is a much higher emphasis placed on developing strong academic skills.