The Elementary School


Welcome to Evergreen Country Day School’s Elementary program where learning is fun, hard work is valued, and a strong sense of kindness and community is essential to each student’s success. We encourage students to take every day as an opportunity to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Students graduate from our program with a greater sense of self and with the academic, organizational, and critical thinking abilities to take on middle school opportunities with enthusiasm and confidence.

Our Philosophy

In the elementary school, we are dedicated to following our school’s mission to “inspire the young minds of our future”. Through challenging academics, innovative educational methods, a strong sense of community and character, and located in a beautiful and safe facility, we use small class sizes to differentiate instruction and challenge each student to grow as a whole child. Students are expected to achieve academic excellence, and teachers build strong relationships with each child to promote a positive and warm learning community. 

Our Program

In grades K-5, students spend their days actively learning and engaging with each other during authentic and fun lessons. Small class sizes allow for more individualized instruction, and there are high expectations for all. Each day students work to build a strong base of knowledge and ability in language arts, math and social studies by taking part in rigorous lessons, contributing to group projects, participating in hands-on activities, and experiencing technology to improve understanding.   

We also have specialized teachers dedicated to delivering quality instruction in the areas of art, music, science, physical education, library sciences, and Spanish. Students spend a portion of each day joyfully participating in enriching specials classes and rounding out their education.